The proper numbering system was damaged on purpose, the Kabba-lists know very good that the current numbering system is wrong and someone is trying to hide something of huge importance to humanity, below you will see a table with Ancient proper numbering and the Current new numbering, which everyone use without knowing that it is wrong.

Wrong vs Proper Numbering System

In my opinion Zero/Null = 0 as we know is the real first number, as we can see it even starts with O-ne and other languages have it start in this way, for example in Russian One is O-din, as you can see the difference is not big, now the number Nine = 9 is made out of 6 only upside down, this is another prove that it is a fake created number, all the other numbers are unique. In short i would say that the Nine = 9 number must be removed and to begin counting Zero as One. And here comes the Cognitive Dissonance! 😀

Another proof of wrong numbering system we can find from the European Horoscope monthly Zodiac signs, the Zodiacal signs with their monthly numbering goes like this:

European Zodiac Signs And Months

I was thinking that Aries is the real first Zodiac sign and the first month of Calendar but now i understand that this could be wrong and Pisces could be the real O-ne = 0 month Zodiac sign. The other possibility i m thinking is that March could be a non countable, a transition month which does a restart of the seasons.

Another proof that even the current Calendar is a big fairy tale, if you search Wikipedia about 1st April’s Fools, you will find the following description…

From Wikipedia

In short those who are behind all this, manipulating the history of humanity will invent any fairy tale only to hide the truth about numbers, time, calendar, Christmas, New Year etc.

When i was a kid i was in love with number 8 and i did not know why until a couple of years ago my Chaos Star eye opened and i could count 8 arrows in it, i m also a Scorpio that is why i feel so much connected with number Nine = 8 the last real main number.

Because i m still investigating about numbers, this post will be updated, thank you for the read, i hope it was inspirational!

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